Customized transport engineering: innovation meets efficiency

At the heart of our offering is transport engineering – an area in which technical expertise and creative solutions come together to turn your transport projects into reality efficiently and safely. Our goal is to take the transportation of goods to a new level by providing tailor-made transport concepts and strategies that are specifically tailored to the needs and challenges of our customers.

Provision of pre-packaging

Safe protection before transportation

Providing pre-packaging is an essential step in optimally preparing your products for transportation. IPLS offers customized pre-packaging solutions that are specifically designed to ensure the safety and integrity of your goods. By using high-quality materials and techniques, we ensure that your products are optimally protected, regardless of whether they are transported by land, air or sea.

Route testing & road surveys

Optimization of your transport routes

Route inspections, also known as road surveys, are a critical part of transportation engineering to ensure that your freight reaches its destination without encountering any obstacles. By analyzing the transport routes in detail, IPLS GmbH identifies potential problems and risks in advance and develops strategies to avoid them. This process allows us to select the most efficient and safest route for your delivery, saving time and money.

Heavy transport planning

Solutions for exceptional loads

Heavy transports place special demands on logistics. IPLS GmbH specializes in the planning and execution of heavy transports, including the selection of specialized means of transport and the development of routes tailored to the dimensions and weights of your exceptional loads. Our goal-oriented approach ensures that even the largest and heaviest goods reach their destination safely and efficiently.

Security concepts

Ensuring safety and compliance on every route

The transportation of oversized and heavy goods often requires not only special means of transport, but also escort vehicles to ensure road safety and compliance with traffic regulations. IPLS GmbH provides escort vehicles that are specially equipped to support and secure the transport convoys on their routes. Our experienced escort teams ensure a smooth journey by drawing attention to potential obstacles at an early stage and taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety of all road users.

Approval management

Navigating through bureaucratic challenges

Navigating the complex landscape of local and international regulations can be a challenge. IPLS GmbH simplifies this process for you with our comprehensive approval management. We take care of obtaining all the necessary permits and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations to avoid delays and additional costs and guarantee a smooth transportation process. These expanded transportation engineering services demonstrate IPLS GmbH’s commitment and ability to handle complex logistics requirements efficiently and effectively, offering our customers a comprehensive service that goes far beyond the basics.

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