Versatile packaging solutions for your success

The right packaging is crucial for the protection and safety of your goods when traveling. That’s why we offer a wide range of packaging types that are optimized for sea, air and truck transport. From individual production to standardized solutions – we ensure that your products are optimally protected at all times.

Discover our variety of packaging types for every need

Our service portfolio covers a wide range of packaging types, specifically designed to transport any type of product safely and efficiently to its destination. From sturdy crates to innovative floating packaging – every solution is designed to meet the specific requirements of your goods. Find out more about the differences and advantages of our versatile packaging options:


Ideal for transporting heavy goods, enables easy loading and unloading


Efficient method of combining several units, facilitates handling and transportation.

Floating packaging

Provides excellent protection for particularly sensitive goods by reducing shocks and vibrations.


Ideal for transporting heavy goods, enables easy loading and unloading

Hood covered packaging

Flexible and practical for quick use directly at the production or storage location.


Tailor-made protection that adapts closely to the contours of your product.

Containerized skids

Optimizes the use of container space and secures the load effectively.

Wooden box

Universal and robust solution for protecting a wide range of products.

Cardboard pallet

Light and stable, ideal for transporting lighter goods and optimizing freight costs.

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