Our strategic packaging locations

Our locations offer you covered workshop space, in-house production facilities and direct access to the A24 and A2 highways.

Lanken branch

Central location on the A24 motorway | In-house production facilities | Covered packaging workshops with paved open spaces

IPLS with its location in Lanken, Elmenhorst is conveniently situated in Schmiedestraße on the A24 and allows us to process your orders flexibly. With our own production facilities, we are able to manufacture and professionally execute packaging for air, land and sea transportation within a few hours. The 3,000 m² packaging workshop, of which 1,500 m² is covered workshop space and 7,000 m² is paved open space, can be used to pick, store and pack large plant components as well as small parts and high-quality, sensitive goods.

Our second workshop in Kesselflickerstraße with a usable area of 3,285 m² offers additional possibilities for packaging work or storage. The Leineweberring is home to three further workshops with a total area of 3,800 m². Here we have the additional option of using a 20-ton overhead crane. The open space covers a paved area of 10,260 m² and is used as a storage area, for handling your goods and for loading and unloading trucks and containers.

Since May 2024, the space has been expanded by an additional 4,000 m², so that IPLS has a total of almost 10,000 m² of covered workshop space and more than 25,000 m² of paved outdoor and storage space at its site in Lanken.

International Packing and Logistic Solutions GmbH
Schmiedestrasse 4
21493 Lanken, Elmenhorst

Responsible customs office:

Beckum branch

Optimal transport links to the A2 motorway | Proximity to major European ports | Specialized infrastructure for handling projects and spare parts orders

Our location in Beckum, Westphalia is conveniently located on the A2, Beckum exit, and due to the almost identical distances to the important European ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, Bremen and Hamburg, it offers an optimal opportunity to process your orders locally and deliver them to the corresponding ports of departure.

This division allows us to process projects and spare parts orders under one roof, including order picking and storage.
With 3,500 m² of covered workshops and 4,500 m² of asphalted open space, we are ideally equipped to store and pack your goods. Both the loading and unloading of trucks and the stowing of containers are no problem for us. 


International Packing and Logistic Solutions GmbH
Stromberger Str. 139
59269 Beckum

Responsible customs office:

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